More about Joanne 

Uniquely trained, with postgraduate university qualifications in both Clinical Neuropsychology and Human Nutrition, Joanne enjoys translating contemporary cognitive neurosciences and molecular biology, into clinical practice for her clients. 

Joanne has a passion for the dysregulated autonomic nervous system and its involvement in anxiety, persistent pain, gut-brain-microbiome connection and the complex interactions of lifestyle factors on brain function, the gut and mental health.   


Outside of work, Joanne is passionate about movement and is an active participant in multi-sport: running, cycling & swimming. Dabbles in playing social tennis and kayaking. 


Recently, Joanne was able to combine her love of cycling with a passion for evidence based pain education though participating in an annual event with the 2020 and 2019 Pain Revolution.  Cycling across regional Victoria in 2020 and Tasmania in 2019, with a team of health clinicians, research scientists, pain educators and people recovered from persistent pain, the team provided pain education to the rural public and provided tips on retraining their systems to change their persistent pain. Follow the link for more information and to donate to the Pain Revolution.